Alright, so my life is officially quiet enough now to update on the crap that was stressing me out:


1) The HIV Test I was freaking out about....apparently never existed. As in no one drew blood for it, doctor did not sign off on it, and I was panicking over nothing. Like an idiot. 


2) No one told me this until two weeks in. I didn't know if I wanted to laugh or punch their lights out.


3) School is fine, except my teacher still does not understand that when a student is talking to you, that you should respond.


4) My anxiety is still out of wack, but I'm learning ways to cope. One thing is to just hug my cat. Naruto is a big thing, but loves affection.


5) My depression lightened a smidge after the "debacle" but is doing better.


6) My stress, however, has me in a headache induced fog. I am a stay at home daughter for the most part, so...what the hell?! I should be happy and cheerful, but instead I have tense shoulders and prone to facepalming.


7) On the day before easter, mom asked me if i wanted to go shopping. So we did....and then church. I tried not to glare at her. I really did.

8) I weighed myself..and it's official. i've lost 34 pounds. Yay!


9) My allergies have gotten so bad that I'm wheezing every day. I'm thinking I might need shots..cause pills just aren't working.


10) I'm one month in from the time I had my "big chop". Pics will come.


Anyway, outside of that, I've been planning how I'm going to move to Houston and go to grad school there. I got my GRE stuff, but most importantly I got an inside link to therapies and such I'll need there. Also, in a thing that surprised me, I decided to forgive my grandparents. Or at least try to work on it. What they did to me, it shouldn't color my future at all, because I don't belong or live with them anymore. Same thing for my old church.  My life is my own now. The only person who makes the major descions now, is me and no one else. It's a bit scary, admitting that. I believe it is because I got so used to be just told what to do, that now...well ya know.

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Comment by AgeOfAtheists14 on May 5, 2011 at 5:09pm
and will.
Comment by Alex Zygmunt on April 27, 2011 at 6:12pm

I've never met you and in all probability never will. I'm unfamiliar with the extenuating circumstances described above. That being said -- a word comes to mind in reading this and you have it:





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