GOD (Game Of Delusion) No one can explain GOD... but I can.

If people don't agree with many things in the bible... why do they still believe everything else? Why do some people accept scientific evidence yet cling to their beliefs (by changing them around to coincide with the evidence)? Why are people able to justify anything and everything concerning GOD? Because it is all make believe.

Here is an example:

My invisible force field. This force field can block any harm directed toward me. How can you prove it does not exist? What proof do you have?

(You grab a bat and swing, hitting my left arm.)

Wait! Oww! Shit! I forgot to mention... my force field only blocks harmful projectiles... not blunt objects or weapons.

See what happened? My force field claim was debunked... but I was able to justify it's absence by re-creating what it is... therefore still making it plausible and believable. You once again have no proof that I DON'T have a force field.

So let's say I am proven wrong again. Example 2:

(You pick up a rock and throw it at my face, succesfully hitting my right eye.)

Ouch! I wasn't ready for that! In order for the force field to work... I have to be alert... I also am low on energy from the last hit you gave me. I have to create it with all my strength and have plenty of energy before you can do that... but now it's going to take a while for me to do that since I am not fully recovered.

Once again... I was able to re-create a justification and yet again... made my force field plausible. You cannot prove it does not exist.

Example 3:

(You've had enough of my bullshit. You decide to attack me later on while I am fully recovered and ready to receive a hit. I am ready for the attack. You throw a rock at me and land a hit on my forehead.)

Shit! I couldn't get it to work. This is a very tricky thing to do. I didn't believe/concentrate enough. This force field works in mysterious ways.

When something is not specific or set in stone (in other words... MADE UP)... anything can be invented to make it coincide with the events that transpire.

We can all agree that when you drive a car into another car... you will crash. This is SET IN STONE. There is no way around this. The car won't phase right through. It will collide. This is real. Within these boundaries... there is no other solution except driving like a good citizen and staying safe.

If we play pretend cowboys and indians... anything can happen. You can shoot me from a distance with your hands... and I can say "you missed". I can shoot you back with my hands and you can say "Ohhh you got me" and lie on the floor. You can then lift yourself up and say "I still have 9 lives left." I can pretend to pull an axe out of nowhere and swing at you. You can retaliate by pulling out the bazooka. The possibilities are endless... and why are they possible? Because its all pretend. Within those boundaries... anything can happen. Anything can be justified.

So this brings us back to the force field.

Why is it so easy to justify and revalidate my force field and it's absence? Because it is intangible. I can shape it into whatever I want. It is not real.

Why is it so easy to justify and explain GOD and his absence? Because it is intangible. You can shape it into whatever you want. It is not real.

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Comment by Jaume on November 5, 2009 at 6:43am
Best definition (sort of!) of faith I've ever seen --

Faith is a four-letter word.
Comment by Mario on November 5, 2009 at 5:57am
Hehe. Faith is a fancy word for delusion... at least when it comes to religious people. And speaking of end-of-the-world whackos... I can't wait to see what excuses will come about after 2012 is gone and we are all getting drunk and stoned off our asses celebrating 2013's new years.
Comment by Sonny Mobley on November 4, 2009 at 6:02pm
Nice post, yo.



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