Have you noticed how believers insist on the fact that God has changed since the Old Testament? Supposedly the God from the New Testament is kinder, better, more loving than the one from the Old Testament. They really insist on this. I understand their embarrassment, but there is absolutely no message from God, no sacred text, no nothing that has been found engraved on some stone in some cave or delivered on some hill by an angel that tells us that God has softened his touch since the Old Testament. This is simply not in the Christian mythology and folklore. Sorry kids, but the God from the New Testament is the same jealous, bloody psychopath described in the Old Testament. God didn’t send us any modification, any clause, any amendments to say that he had changed his ways when he passed from the Old Testament to the New Testament. It’s only some slightly embarrassed believers who feel the need to modify the angry, psychotic God of the Old Testament when they realize they’d look like fools to actually venerate such a supreme being.

I detect the same embarrassment when Christians try to tell us that they actually believe in evolution, that the concept of God is not incompatible with evolution. I beg to differ. The process of evolution is NOT what an all powerful, all knowing god would use for life on earth. Evolution is messy, random and shouts trial and error - not the work of a supreme god who knows what he’s doing. Let's look at just one small example. Why would god build gills and a tail on a human embryo only to destroy them later in gestation, before anybody witnessing a birth can see them? Why would God waste time to build structures during the first 4 weeks of pregnancy and then remove them? Do you realize what a wasteful process it is for a developing embryo to mobilize protein, calcium and calories to build a tail and gills that will eventually be destroyed later in the fetal development? Why wouldn’t an all-powerful God make humans the way they are from the first moment of conception - the way they will look at birth? Why would a perfect god cause embryos to develop as if their ancestors had come from fish and passed through creatures that had tails? Of course when you point that out to believers they always have the same answer: God’s ways are unknowable! Yeah, right!

It is intensely irritating when religious people try to get away with such little semantic tricks. Some go even further. The gills and tail in the human embryo are actually evidence planted by the devil. That’s what a Christian told me once. There is a battle going on during the development in-uteri between good and evil. The devil always manages to have gills and a tail appear at the same time in the pregnancy and God always manages to destroy them at the same time in the pregnancy. I’ve always wondered if God is so all-powerful, how come he doesn’t keep the devil from creating those structures in the first place. When I mention to these poor souls that we have actually discovered that it is the same set of genes that makes a tail grown in the embryo of a monkey, a cow, a cat or a human most of them remain speechless. Obviously the devil works in mysterious ways. For your own information humans just have a set of genes that are turned on at a particular stage of the pregnancy to make the tail disappear. Animals that are born with tails don’t. It’s so easy to embarrass believers by pointing at very simple facts and events. Still you can always trust them to attempt some acrobatic explanation that will always be an insult to your intelligence and an acknowledgment of their ignorance.

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Comment by Philippe on March 28, 2010 at 11:40am
Comment by J.P.M. on March 28, 2010 at 11:38am
I always say that science is powerful because it is embodies mechanisms that permit it's own evolution. Religion is based on immutable myths and is thus incapable of change, even when faced with new evidence. So concepts of God are incapable of evolution, and religious explanations of the natural world are of no value because they explain nothing in mechanistic or testable terms. Religious explanations of the natural world are only of value to those who are either unable or unwilling to think for themselves.
Comment by Philippe on March 28, 2010 at 11:29am
Yes, it's tough not to just consider Christians, and other believers, as scared little kids with very primal and simple minds!



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