I am reading countless blogs about the latest in a string of mass killings. The blogs are loaded with religious comments about God and salvation. I don’t have a problem with God but I do have a problem with people believing that mythological metaphysical entities and creatures have a power of good or bad on earth. It has been empirically tested and fails. There is no such protection or control.

I can’t say whether God exists or not or if his side kick the Devil does either. But logical reasoning tells me that these mythological stories are simply that. Mythology.

God has been used for thousands of years for conquest. People decided they are in charge of what God wants and kill everyone that is not deemed godly or lives on land that belongs to them because God said so. Really people?

Humans will never suddenly turn to a power other than themselves to create governments and corporations. Churches are a wonderful example of that. There is no God in control of churches…corporations control them and people in funny costumes and hats that pass around plates to collect money…so they can build more churches.

If people want to believe in mythical creatures that created all OK fine. But here on earth we need rational thinking to create answers for our worldly problems.

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