The title of my first book is :

“God Hates Faith: The Absurdity of Faith-Based Morality“


Faith has motivated individuals to perform some, if not all, of the most horrendous acts in human history. Recently, there have been a lot of books that have argued that belief in a God is a destructive thing. This book sees things differently. This book assumes that it is, in fact, the concept of faith that is destructive and not a belief in God. The book does this by showing that morality does not come from any religious document· It also argues that individual concepts of morality are not static, as they evolve in response to the needs of the individual. The book then sets its sights of the concept of faith and shows how and why faith has become such a popular concept over the course of human history. This book then takes things a step beyond any other book like it, as it asks a question has been far too taboo to ask up to this point: Would a God actually use faith to communicate a system of morality? Well, you will just have to read it to find out. Finally, the books argues for a more reasoning, less faith-based approach to morality.

… more soon!

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