God In Chaos; Chapter Nine; THE INTELEGENT DESIGN VIEW OF EVOLUTION part thirty-eight

When addressing some of the issues of the fundamentalist view of evolution
it is important to identify some key words that they use to try to
vilify reasonable scientists and educated people that understand the
concepts of evolution and natural selection. From the way the word
is used by the intelligent design side it seems that the word
“Darwinism” is meant to describe the “believers” in the
Theory of Evolution to make it seem more like a radical belief such
as astrology or paganism. It is clearly viewed as a philosophical
belief instead of an area of fact such as electric theory and
thermodynamics. To the Intelligent Design camp, believing in
Darwinism is presented as a de facto religious belief. However they
would not, for the most part, say that people that believe in the
ideas and principles of plumbing to be “Plumbists.”

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