There came a point in my life one time when I loved everything in a right-side-of-the-brain swimming elation.  I woke up and I was in love with/toward not only the person who had been the target of such emotions of mine in the recent past, but also everyone else.

I even, though it was painful at that time to even realize it, let alone to admit to it, loved the people that I hated.  Now, those who I hated, I hated dearly.  They were and, I would venture to guess, may still be vile balls of shit fully warranting my ill feelings toward them.  Nonetheless, I did not find them unworthy of my love.  I felt myself to be of no authority to hold it back from them.  I felt this feeling to be an authority all unto itself and to be a true authority, outranking all else in my known world.  It was, I felt sure, the legendary "love conquers all" love.


Having read a description of this stuff that I wrote a long time ago, I think that this sort of feeling is exactly what people who say things like "God is love" mean when they say that sort of stuff.

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