Godless Americana: Race and Religious Rebels NOW AVAILABLE


Over the past several years, the Right has spun the fantasy of colorblind, post-racial, post-feminist American exceptionalism.  This Orwellian narrative anchors the most blistering conservative assault on secularism, civil rights, and public education in the post-Vietnam War era.  It is no accident that this assault has occurred in an era in which whites have over twenty times the wealth of African Americans.   For many communities of color, victimized by a rabidly Religious Right, neo-liberal agenda, the American dream has never been more of a nightmare than it is now.  Godless Americana is a radical humanist analysis of this climate.  It provides a vision of secular social justice that challenges Eurocentric traditions of race, gender, and class-neutral secularism.  For a small but growing number of non-believers of color, humanism and secularism are inextricably linked to the broader struggle against white supremacy, patriarchy, heterosexism, capitalism, economic injustice, and global imperialism.  Godless Americana critiques these titanic rifts and the role white Christian nationalism plays in the demonization of urban communities of color.

"Godless Americana is a MUST READ!" Kim Veal, Black Non-Believers of Chicago


"Hutchinson notes that being an atheist is not enough to affect any real change.  One can be an atheist in isolation simply by not believing in God. Becoming a  humanist, by contrast, entails working for social justice. For blacks to make  atheism relevant to the larger African American community they cannot simply  emphasize science and critical thinking but must instead help feed people, train  them for jobs, and offer assistance to prisoners trying to reenter society,  among other issues." Chris Cameron, University of North Carolina

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Comment by Shutch on May 16, 2013 at 11:05pm

Thanks Jeff!

Comment by Jeff Maehre on May 16, 2013 at 10:04pm

Cool! Looks like there's much to learn, and I hope the book does well for you.



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