OK, I haven't blogged here in a while. This is just something I find interesting, so here goes. I have two 'Bibles' in my backpack that are a bit 'different' from the Judeo-Christian one. Basically, both are more secular and deal less with 'God' than with philosophy and morality. One is Anton LaVey's 'Satanic Bible'. The other is Thomas Jefferson's 'Jefferson Bible'.

Let me give a fast crash course on my knowledge or take on both.

LaVey's book doesn't describe worshipping an actual entity. They use the 'devil' as a simple metaphor for the human nature than is called 'sin' by much of Christianity. Lust, according to this 'Bible' is human nature. So is pride, and gluttony. We use our own judgement and moderation basically. Also, it says keep your 'love' for those who deserve it, and not enemies. Their 'sins' are things like stupidity and herd conformity. Was it insulting to name this religion 'Satanism' and steal the Christian 'devil'? You have to remember that early Christians based their 'devil' imagery off of pagan deities in order to demonize pagan religions, which were on the whole, much more celebratory of human nature, instead of pushing guilt over it.

Now, Jefferson's 'Bible' just took the regular Christian Bible, and removed the 'God' parts, putting forth a book about the 'life and morals of Jesus of Nazareth' as a mortal man. Most of the negativity comes from the Old Testament and 'God' portions. The 'Jesus' character could be attributed to a Gandhi like figure. Peace, love, understanding and extreme humility. I realize that things like 'Turn the other cheek' and extreme humbleness are not exclusive to Christianity, but what is original nowadays? Philosophy, much like art or music, is partly to inspire the way people think or live.

At the most, I think I could still take parts of both books from a philosophical stance.

Also, both books are self professed 'Bibles' that, as an atheist, I could at least logically identify with more. Though I am not saying I get all of my beliefs from any one or two philosophical texts or sources, as I always try to remain a freethinker. I have read the LaVey one and after the book I'm on now, I'm reading the Jefferson one. But, I just love the concept of these philosophy based godless 'Bibles'. Maybe I'm just easily amused or simple in some ways. Hell, some of my philosophies come from pop culture. I just know what I like.

I'm kind of tired, so excuse any miswordings. Comments?

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Comment by Brad on June 14, 2009 at 9:18pm
OK. I just started reading the Jefferson book. I'm confused. I took deist as mainly living as atheists since they believed in an absentee 'God'. So, even when I heard Jefferson was a 'deist', I thought the book would have little to do with this 'god' he thought was unconcerned with us after creation. Am I missing something in the definition of deist?

I thought most deists lived as atheists?
Comment by Billy Deaton on June 5, 2009 at 1:36am
I've been wanting to do a serious study of these, but I gotta say, right off the bat, from what I already know about the Jefferson Bible it doesn't go far enough and LaVey goes, I really don't know enough, but it just feels like it's antagonistic towards Christians/muslims for the sake of being antagonistic.

I'd be interested to know if anyone is giving these things serious consideration? I'm going to guess that I'll end up rejecting them, but maybe I'll read them if there's any serious interest.



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