More reason to get rid of religion.

I have always stated that There are, in my view, no evidence that can solidly give the slights probability of the existence of a God. So the topic of this blog is in no way an endorsement of God.
I titled this blog God's judgment because all christian leaders, from what ever christian cult they are from, always often make the claim that they were chosen by God. However, it seems to me that God always chose individuals who mostly turning out to be horrible individuals. Take one for example, the reverend Ted Haggard who in one of his sermons on Nov. 2 at Open Bible Fellowship Church in Morrison, Ill., claimed that he was molested at age 7 by a person who worked for his dad. As a result, Rev. Ted Haggard said that this incident was the factor that drove him into using meth and having sexual relationship with a male prostitute two years ago.
I am not interested in whether Haggard is telling the truth or not telling the truth. On the other hand, I am concern with God's judgment. The past United States election have highlighted the poor judgment, most American believe, among whom most are Christians, of senator John McCain because of his picking of an un-vetted Sarah Palin as his VP running mate, yet these same people chose not to see God's poor judgment in choosing his leaders.

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