Really enjoyed our local Atheist meetup downtown tonight. We started out at our usual hangout, Banter, but because of an unexpected musical performance, we relocated across the street to Hydrant Cafe, where we could actually converse and not strain our throats and ears.

We did actually experience our first heckler, of a sort, back at Banter; one middle-aged woman felt the need to tell us that "God saved my bacon I don't know how many times."; It took me a second to realize she was directing her comment at us and not to a friend or companion, and by then she was gone before I could think of a witty comeback...all i managed was "bacon? I thought pork was an abomination"; budumbum tisss. Lame, I know. Jesus doesn't save bacon, he casts demons into pigs and sends them to their doom. Don't you read your bible, lady? ;-) If I had to guess, I'd peg this woman as being a recovering alcoholic and AA member. Just sounds like something an AA'er would say.
I sorta know the type. And I don't have a problem if that keeps her sober and on an even keel, etc; Anyway, it was a little bizarre. Some members were a little irked, but I was rather non-plussed myself.
Maybe our general silence was the best response after all. Group shrug, as it were.

Anyway, that was our one and only heckler so far and we've been meeting semi-regularly since February of this year.

We re-located to Hydrant Cafe, just across the way. It's a significantly smaller cafe than Banter, but at least the live music is upstairs, and it didn't start until much later in the evening; we were lucky that the one big table downstairs was open, so we pounced on it. We had good conversation, plus it was fun to people-watch.

We actually hung out until just past 11:30pm, and if some of us didn't have to be at work in the morning (like me), it might've been even later. Our previous record in the spring was one Meetup that made it until 11pm at Banter.

I still plan to keep Banter as our Main venue, I'll just try to remember not to have a meetup the first Tuesday of the month and save that week instead for a Saturday lunchtime meetup.

Small note, I took the day off today because yesterday after work I fell on some muddy grass and slightly twisted my ankle. I fell down flat forward and managed to break my fall with my elbows. It knocked the wind out of me, and I was kind of stunned for a second. At first I was a little pissed off that I had gotten my dress pants wet/dirty, then I realized how much my ankle hurt like hell. After a few moments of stunned silence I managed to mutter "son of a bitch!"; Anyway, I went home and hobbled to my apartment and promptly filled a freezer bag full of ice and water and put it on my ankle/foot, which was definitely starting to swell up. I took off today as well because I was tired and my foot was still in a lot of pain. I slept in late and when I woke up I listened to more podcasts while reclining on the couch with my foot out and the ice pack on and off every 15 minutes or so. I'll probably be fit enough to go in to work in the morning (Wed). I wasn't looking forward to this evening's Meetup, owing to my physical condition, but it turned out to be a lot of fun in the end.

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Comment by Aggiememenon on August 5, 2009 at 4:29pm
That's what friends are for...though I can't speak for Brian, I felt more like an anthropologist observing female social bonding/networking in action from a distance than an active participant. It seems to have been therapeutic for you, in any case, and I'm glad we have such strong female participation/representation in our Meetup group.

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