Google really should consider separating Atheism from Religion in their databases.

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Comment by BenGee on October 26, 2016 at 11:45am

If you're not paying money for a product or selling a product for money then you are the product. Nothing is free, anytime you use a service and you're not paying for it you are the product trying to be marketed. You may even pay for access to the places where you become the product (I.E. paying for internet access only to use sites that monetize you)

Comment by Michael Penn on October 26, 2016 at 7:13am

I agree with you. Another thing I see is that marketing trends seem to be all about "hits" on a subject and this also produces false information, mostly with Google. One answer is change the search engine. Another is to change word choices. If I Google "blind people who play the harmonica" I'm not likely to find Stevie Wonder. What I will find is harmonica sales pages. Also, if you are a guy Googling about heath issues you might learn that you are pregnant. Again you have to change your word choices.

A lot of this is a marketing fail but it still generates a lot of money. It further shows that the Internet can help you but it's mostly about making money from you.

Comment by BenGee on October 25, 2016 at 5:36pm

I would call this a huge waste of money (aka marketing fail), however I think the real problem is when going to Music services and looking for an Atheist set of music we're automatically tied in with general joke and satire songs. 

Make a radio station off of Listen to reason by Brain Steeksma in GooglePlay, Spotify, and Pandora you'll mostly get joke stuff with a bit of Atheist music mixed in, granted much of the joke stuff IS also Atheist, it shouldn't be grouped together, they do a better job with other genera's of music and christian music but we're not worth the effort to them it seems.

There are other places where we're grouped under religion, for example marketing..... and that's when the above picture happens......

We deserve our own category I think.

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