Governer de Kretser talked to Victoria's Police Chaplains' Annual Conference about ethics and religion.

Victoria's Governor spoke to the annual conference of Police Chaplains and said a lot of nonsense unfortunately. First he said that because church attendance is declining we should think of teaching ethics in schools and other educational institutions. Well I'm all in favour of teaching ethics but what does it have to do with declining church attendance?

Church attendance in Australia is about 7.5% and falling. A figure I'm very proud of. It makes Australia one of the most secular countries in the world. It is also my opinion that Australia is one of the most moral countries in the world. We are low on corruption, low on crime stats, and generally high in community spirit. We also have a strong commitment to a 'fair go for all'.

I assume the the professor, ( a fertility expert ) imagines that people get their ethics and values from the church in some unspecified way. This is implausible however. Anyone who has ever read the bible knows that getting your ethics from that bloodthirsty tome would be a recipe for disaster. Murder, genocide, slavery, child sacrifice and many other evils are condoned or explicitly ordered in the bible. The only way to get your ethics out of the bible would be with a sieve!

He also states erroneously that Charles Darwin was a theist. This is NOT TRUE!! Charles Darwin was a convinced atheist to his dying day! He lost his faith as he developed the theory of evolution by natural selection, he realised he didn't need it anymore. His faithlessness was only confirmed when his favourite daughter died at the age of 12, regardless no doubt of her mother's fervent prayers. Emma Darwin was a christian but she knew her husband wasn't.

These errors are typical of the misinformation peddled by the religious. Richard Dawkins has announced his intention to keep a recording of his last days so that no-one can say he had a death bed conversion as is so often asserted by the religious of the irreligious. Other prominent atheists would do well to do the same.

Since the earliest days of the church lying for its sake has been explicitly condoned by those in power. Nothing has changed. Charles Darwin was an atheist and anyone who gets their ethics out of the bible is in jail, if they've been caught at least! Teach ethics in school by all means, but not the ones in the bible or we're all doomed. Doomed to spend the next five hundred years struggling to free ourselves from Iron-age bigotry, as we have the last five hundred.

As Matt Dilahunty says, 'The bible is a mixture of good advice, bad advice and very bad advice'. You'd be much better off studying ethics, that's for sure.

On a slightly different note, we have police chaplains? Why? Do we have representatives from all religions? Mormons? Buddhists? Scientologists forsooth? My tax payers dollars are going to pay for ancient superstitions to be supported in the police force? This is appalling.

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