GRN 'saw the future' in the Dugard story

AN: Please check this out at Good Reason News, where there's also a short video you can watch. Thanks, Billy.

It should come as no surprise to my frequent readers that I don't believe anyone can see the future. (puts on southern preacher voice) But, folks, would you believe I done seen right thar into that dar don future over yonder?

Yesterday, when the incredible story of now free kidnapping victim Jaycee Dugard broke, I read the first few inches of copy that came across the wire and I said aloud "I'm guessing there's probably a religious aspect to this."

The truth is, the case reminded me of the Elizabeth Smart kidnapping. She was kidnapped by Mormon fundamentalists. It should be noted that there's no commandment against taking little girls from their homes, but there's one against worshiping the wrong god.

Anyway, shortly after announcing my suspicions about religious involvement a new version of the Dugard story came across with this added:

The break in the case came Tuesday afternoon when a University of California, Berkeley, police officer noticed Mr. Garrido trying to hand out religious literature on campus and asked him for identification. A check of police databases revealed that Mr. Garrido, 58, was on parole.

Later, there started being mentions of Garrido performing religious revivals of some sort that involved controlling sounds with his MIND!

Now, is this circumstantial? Yes, but it at least speaks to the man's character. That he was that freak that liked to spend his afternoons handing out little Bible quotes on college campuses. You know, like the lord wants him to, since the lord talks to him. Was that his atonement for keeping a child chained up in his backyard for 18 years and forcing her to bear two of his children? Or does he worship some sort of child-rape loving god (and no, I don't just mean was he Catholic, although, that would make sense).

So this case stands as another example of people using religion to justify the fact that they're monsters and another reason that no should equate words like 'faithful' or 'religious' with 'virtuous.'

Blog News: I'm still in the process of moving and getting internet set up, so I'll be posting irregularly for another week or so, I'm sorry to anyone who's been trying to contact me or get my attention. Daily posts will begin again soon, as you can see, I dropped 'Political Friday' this week to bring you this.

Also, you'll notice my name change. No big deal, right? I'm publishing a piece or two under this name, I figured it was easier to be consistent.

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Comment by Joey on August 29, 2009 at 3:45am
Heh. This came on the news when I was at my mom's house and she looked up and said "Ten bucks says he's a preacher."

While I'm not sure I'd say religion itself actually caused his behavior, it sure as hell covered it up. When someone is going around telling people they hear voices telling them what to do, it's a sign they need help. Especially when their back yard looks like it came from The Devil's Rejects.
Comment by Not important on August 28, 2009 at 10:18pm
Religion erodes the brain. Who could blame him for his actions? Once your neurons stop firing you aren't in control anymore.



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