How To Use Economics & Not Be Used by Economists (1/6)

the Neoclassical approach 2/6

Economics: The User's Guide, where he explains that there's no such...

nine major schools of economic thought, no one of them explains eve...

why we need the insights of Keynesian, Schumpeterian & Behavior...

all of us need to learn economics, and challenge any economist who ...

My take on the Neoclassic school of economics sets the needs of Labor aside and focuses on the wealth making aspects of the owners of Capital. Yes, this school of economics does create great wealth but also creates great poverty. It virtually eliminates consideration of the working class, the ones who make the goods and services that the public wants. It took 45 years to dismantle The New Deal, but what the New Deal did was balance the needs of Labor with the needs of Capital to the benefit of both. 

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