How do you guys handle your kids and halloween and all saints?

I really hate halloween and think it a way to normalize the wicked ideas of spirits, souls, ghosts and all that in the minds of children

It is sugar coating the concept of a soul that can be condemned and go to hell.

As I see it Halloween plays this role in normalizing the idea of hell and spirits et al in the mind of small children. "There is something to be scared of, but don't be afraid, cos jesus saves you". Halloween has a distinct terroristic function by planting the fear of hell in the minds of children.

Well that is completely opposite to what I try to bring to my child: "There is NOthing to be scared of".

Problem is that my 6.5 year old daughter just wants to join the halloween parties in the village for the candy and the costumes and fun.

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Comment by Teagraves on October 29, 2011 at 9:48am
Dunno about other folks, but in my family Halloween IS for the candy and costumes and fun. You don't have to emphasize the stuff you don't agree with. If something sketchy comes up, your daughter can know that it is pretend.

(I didn't know what sort of meaning Halloween had for other people until like 5 years ago, lol >_>)



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