Just wanted to thank the atheist/agnostic/skeptic communities for welcoming me with open arms this year. This was the year that I truly admitted to myself that I was indeed an atheist and that it wasn't a bad thing at all.

This lead to me putting Global Atheist up on November 2nd. Although it has only been online for 1/6th of a year, I wanted to share with you the top 20 stories of (the final sixth of) 2008. :)

I had to laugh at what ended up at number 1.


A Foxhole Atheist Speaks Out
From "Friendly Atheist". 0.154% of clicks.


The Stupid Evil Bastard Flickr Pool
From "Stupid Evil Bastard". 0.156% of clicks.


Jesus' Own Trent Reznor, Patrick Burwell, Finally Snaps
From "Happy Jihad's House of Pancackes". 0.158% of clicks.


The Discovery Institute caught with its pants down
From "Answers in Genesis Busted!". 0.159% of clicks.


Abortion is wrong
From Daley at "Atheist Nexus". 0.164% of clicks.
(The original post that he linked to in his blog is now missing)


50 Old Testament Inconsistencies
From "Heaving Dead Cats". 0.168% of clicks.


Dan Savage on Straight Marriage
From "Culture Wars". 0.171% of clicks.


"I'll respect your beliefs if you respect mine."
From zack at "Atheist Nexus". 0.172% of clicks.


Fine-tuning Foolishness: Hammering Out The Stupidity
From "Debunking Christianity". 0.17% of clicks.


Campus Crusade for Christ Now Targets Preschoolers
From "Friendly Atheist". 0.181% of clicks.


The Right Wing Echo Chamber
From "Unscrewing the Inscrutable". 0.185% of clicks.


Google "Atheism" and Get Insulted!
From "Proud Atheist". 0.19% of clicks.


I'm so relieved I'm not a Christian
From "Unreasonable Faith". 0.21% of clicks.


Questioning God is Apparently Hate Speech
From "Friendly Atheist". 0.22% of clicks.


Fundie Sticker #2
From "Deep Thoughts". 0.23% of clicks.


Al Gore on an Atheist President
From "Friendly Atheist". 0.26% of clicks.


A Jew's First Bacon
From "Friendly Atheist". 0.28% of clicks.


A brand new stupid argument for Intelligent Design and creationism
From "Pharyngula". 0.32% of clicks.


Election Night Speech: "This time must be different"
From "Barack Obama Election Blog". 0.33% of clicks.


Somebody put this on a t-shirt
From "Pharyngula". 0.37% of clicks.

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Comment by Father Nature on January 1, 2009 at 11:14am
Some great stories. I especially liked A Jew's First Bacon. Thanks and happy New Year.



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