Harper Government's new Office of Religious Freedom

The Harper government seams to believe that you should be forced to marry your rapist. My mind was raped daily in the name of religion. That is the politest way I will put it. The new Office Of Religious Freedom statement says your Canadian government is not going to support your battle against the rapists. They are not going to be happy until we are all married to rapists.The only way this office will be happy is if people of the world all marry one rapist or another. At the cost of $5million a year.

Here is some info on the topic.

http://canadianatheist.com/  See the video down the page.

Harper says the separation of church and state is more of a US doctrine and not a Canadian right or ideal. If it is not in our constitution why not? They will support the ideals of religion but will not support people that do not believe. It is a christian rights some how that by law we must have a religion. Anyone that does not believe in god your free to torture and kill. Is that the Canadian values we grew up with?

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Comment by Tricky-D Frontenac on December 21, 2012 at 2:59pm

As a Canadian, Im extremely glad other people are concerned about this.

I love it here in the Great White North, but ever since Harper's Conservatives got their majority Ive felt an increasing need to flee. I find myself assualted by their agenda more and more ever day, and since I live in Alberta, theres not much for support as the Conservative majority is in full effect

Comment by J. Morr on December 18, 2012 at 9:58pm

From reading the articles I understand they they are having troubles finding someone to run the place. I wonder if this is just pandering to the religious?

What I have a problem with is that they will not help anyone that feels that they are being tormented because they don't accept religion. Atheists are discriminated against harshly in other countries even more in Muslim countries. This is just one more step to forcing a religion on everyone especially immigrants.

Comment by James Kz on December 14, 2012 at 4:46am

"Office of Religious Freedom." Prime Minister Stephen Harper seems to be picking names as in "Ministry of Truth" from 1984. Very Orwellian name.

I don't suppose Mr. Harper's Conservative Party has been networking with the Republicans down here?



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