This guy has been emailing me for 3 months. I started ignoring him a long time ago. He wanted to be on my show, because he is a "deacon in his church." I found he had nothing more to say, no topic, no expertise other than this church status. I declined his offer, because he only offered to talk about his "theories why atheists disbelieve in Christ." So that was that, right?

In later emails I told him we had little more to say on the subject. I was polite and conversational, and offered no opinions or diatribes about Christianity.

This morning, after 12 or so weeks of me deleting his emails without reading, I got another email. I was curious to see if he had self-escalated the topics. This is what happened:


I care about you Alison. I wonder why someone would decide that
> The Gospel of Jesus Christ is mere myth with no acknowledgement of an
> afterlife. If you want to discontinue talking with me, just let me know and I
> will respect your wishes, but I speak to you not because you are some “important
> person” but because you are a person, who without Christ will perish. I don’t
> want that to happen to you. What is it about Jesus Christ and His Gospel that
> offends you so?

Alison: Greg, you only fake care about me, in that your gospel tells you to, in order to be a good Christian. I no more need you to care about me than you need to care about me. You only think you do, because that makes you a "good Christian."

I do not believe in fake cartoon universes with cartoon consequences anymore than you believe in Valhalla or 72 Virgins. You deny the "truth" of the giant dragon, which is the body of the universe, and you deny his daughter, who created the people out of the mud that came from its body. You deny Vishnu, the sleeping giant who dreams the universe. You deny Anansi the spider who throws tricks at us to make us learn the truth about things. You deny Raven and Coyote. You laugh at the ghosts of traditional Japanese beliefs. You believe that these Gods do not exist, which puts you in grave danger, I dare say, of missing out on the paradises these cultures and civilizations were and are fully convinced of.

I am not part of your favorite belief system anymore. Yes, there are aspects of it I find extremely offensive, since it is the only belief system I have read about extensively. I am offended by the worship of a War God who threatens to impoverish his own people so badly that the women will eat their newborn children and afterbirth in hiding so their own children will not eat those things instead. I am offended by the command to kill your own family members if they preach other religions, or preach against Judaism. I am offended by the degradation of women and sexuality by the corruption of the Church. I am offended by most of Paul's idea of what a church should be. I am offended by Jesus' bluster, anger and conceit, and threats of the pain of a hell that is cruel and absurd. Jesus behaves like a petulant child when he does not get what he wants. I am offended by early church concepts that outright lies about what one sees or believes are a-ok as long as it furthers the cause. I am offended by the superstition of demon belief and exorcism, so easily found in the bible. I am offended by capital consequences for non-crimes like working on the sabbath or superstitious beliefs about uttering the names of Gods. I am offended by the self-perpetuated feedback looping legends about characters in scripture, mainly this Satan/Lucifer thing which was only a result of oral history. There was no crime committed by any devil in the bible that was worthy of the fear-mongering spread by the church from day 1 to today. There is no personification of evil anymore than there is of Good. I am offended by the dualistic basis of Christian morality. There are plenty of religions that are older and much more sophisticated than Christianity about human behavior. I am offended by the concept of Christian Fellowship; Christian gladhanding, Christian businessmen's appropriation of a martyr to sell products and services. Christian sense of entitlement in church: if it's for Jesus, it must be good, so as long as I say it's for Jesus, I can do anything I want, as badly as I want, and I will be given love and attention. Why mention faith healers and moneymaking schemes, when you've got Jesus couchsurfing his way across the middle-east and Mediterranean, claiming his godliness and worth--why sell rich perfume for food for the poor when Jesus Myself is there, who deserves this more than I, since I'm the Most Worthy, Prophet of Death, Prophet of Suffer-Love, Prophet of Cunt-Fear?

You don't care. You Care tm. You have beliefs about the bible, you have beliefs about a prophet who probably never existed, who was a product of oral tradition and religious evolution, just as much as the goat-legged Satan/Devil/Pan/Jul/Lucifer was. You pick your cartoon characters, and you tell me I am in danger from them, and then tell me you can protect me from them. I'm not afraid, Greg. Or maybe it's you who should be afraid of any number (what is it, like 30,000) of Boogeymen. Or Fred Flintstone, or Body Thetans, or whatever the next religion says you should be afraid of. I like living in a world where I trust my own senses, and I don't like being told I can't trust them. So stop, and go God-bother somewhere else. Or maybe start questioning why you follow such a terrible religion. I don't care and, guess what? Nobody is commanding me to.

Well, that sure as fuck didn't end it, did it? I just escalated the hell out of that convo.

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Comment by Brittany A. Cox on November 13, 2011 at 10:05pm

you = hero

Comment by Little Name Atheist on September 25, 2009 at 12:06am
Enjoyed reading your response! You have much more patience than me. I'm just not interested in dialog with believers.
Comment by Jim DePaulo on September 24, 2009 at 2:13pm
Excellent response. Sadly it will fall on plugged ears. Facts, logic and in your face evidence are useless against the god-struck.
The best advice - never engage in a battle of wits with the unarmed.
Comment by Louis Davout on September 24, 2009 at 12:40pm
Awesome! Simple awesome.
Comment by Rev Hellbound Alleee on September 24, 2009 at 11:33am
Sure, why not.

I realize that I didn't stick to is topic, the "gospel" exclusively, but I was sick of him at that point.
Comment by Mike Kleinman on September 24, 2009 at 10:09am
Great reply!



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