Just felt like wishing all my fellow A|N Members a joyous Samhain and one "hell" of a night tonight. Even though my city/street is rather "dead" on this holiday, I still enjoy the good memories I have of years past where I'd either go Trick Or Treating or scare the living piss outta other people who dare tred upon my doorstep. First they get Tricked into think I'm a lifeless decoration then after I do a low growling Metal voice shout, they get a Treat for not running away. ;P
"Tis the season to make a huge bon fire, Bwaha ha ha ha - bwa ha ha hah! Cover the doorways with cobwebs and Coffins, bwa ha ha ha ha - ha ha ha hah! Throw up the metal horns and sing a Black Metal song! Bwa ha ha - ha ha ha hah!!!"
VOTE MY COSTUME "Cheapest Costume" PLEASE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53Bq4flD_ws


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