I just wanted to share with you a fantastic book I've just finished called The Portable Atheist.

It's a collection of writings from the world most prolific and forthright atheists from all through the centuries.

Has anyone else read it? It lead me to a fantastic 16th c. Philosopher name Michel Montaigne who is outrageuosly funny and delightfully irreligious for his time.

yours in reason,


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Comment by benjamin Davis on April 14, 2010 at 6:06pm
Hi John,

yeah same as me, I find it fascinating...

listen when you get to the Portable Atheist, don't be put off by how hard the first 100 pages are...(well they were for me anyway, and I read a lot)...they are from really old texts and as such the prose is pretty heavy going...

as you move through the centuries it gets easier...but the excellent this this book did for me was switch me on to so many other great minds:

Montaigne, Bertrand Russell, even Neitzche !

Enjoy it mate.




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