It's been awhile, so I thought I'd post a little something to let my AN friends know I'm still around. I also just took some sleeping meds, so this will be short and it may be somewhat incoherent. Fun!

I've been busy with school, mostly. I'm getting my nursing prereqs done right now and my workload is pretty intense. I'm taking two lab sciences, biology and chemistry, as well as a general psychology class that requires 15 hours of "service learning" (basically, community service/volunteerism that relates to the class). I'm hoping to get my service learning done at a local hospice organization, since that would not only give me valuable psychology experience but nursing-related experience as well. So it's been and will continue to be a busy quarter for me. I'm loving the science classes. I never paid attention to science in school because it's was more or less a necessary evil for me. I'd show up to class, but rarely paid attention and came out scientifically stupid. I've found I like the sciences and they are extremely important and valuable to know about. It's nice to have that missing knowledge available to me now and to take advantage of it.

On top of my classes, I'm also tutoring Spanish and mentoring 3 first-year students. It's not a hard workload; the tutoring is 6 hours a week and the mentoring is done on an as-needed basis. I also still have my part-time retail job, but I've cut back to weekends only to make time for homework.

I've made it to the last three meetings my local atheist Meetup group has had. It is wonderful to have a network of people nearby who I can talk to about my own issues and bounce ideas off of. We're even planning a camping trip for next summer, and I'm excited about that!

People who have read my past blogs know that I'm the only atheist in my house right now. I live with my Christian parents and have yet to come out to them about my beliefs, which have changed radically in the past 4 years. I only mention this now because, and I don't know if this is just me, but they seem to be getting even more "church-y" than they were before. My mom attended a women's retreat last weekend that the church sponsored and has gone on and on about how great it was, and how they had this big prayer group around a campfire and all this and that. My dad had me take him to a Christian bookstore on Saturday (Dad can't drive right now due to epilepsy) so he could find a new compact-sized Bible to take to work with him. That trip was a little enlightening to me, anyway. While he was looking around, I browsed the apologetics section and found a lot of books about "answering to the New Atheism." I glanced at a couple of pages in one of the books. Nothing new really, just the same old arguments as always, and I could think up rebuttals on the spot. But then again, there isn't much new about the "New Atheism." They just feel threatened that we're becoming a more vocal and recognizable minority, I think.

I also found a couple of books that my dad must have brought home, and as far as I can tell they seem to try to either justify the Crusades or stir up a new type of "holy war." A little frightening, I must say. I'll try to look into them again and see what they're about.

So that's me in a nutshell right now. Thanks for listening, or whatever it is you do online. :D

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Comment by Kristi Leitholt on October 13, 2009 at 4:28pm
LOL, thanks. :)
Comment by david hartley on October 13, 2009 at 12:53am
Yet you still can't find the time to talk to us tut tut; like you could'n't just phone once in a while save us worrying oooh no no time classes classes is all we hear, i was just telling the man at the bakers, you know his wife wears that riduculous wig well i was saying does she call; well what do you think busy busy busy. Best of luck with it all and keep on :)



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