On Apr 5, 2009 9:00pm, helen/zhebee wrote:
> Hello Alleee
> I write this because I care and know what I am
> talking about.

Thank you for caring about my immortal soul!
> Be sure that you want to be an atheist.

I am 42 years old, and have been an atheist for well over 20 years. During that time, I have thought long and hard about life and death. I am quite sure of my position.
> Check out a series of videos called To Hell and Back
> on YouTube to see what I mean. Most of the people
> on this video were atheists, too. They saw hell.

I have read quite a bit on near-death experiences, and also experiences by people who have died and been resuscitated. The experience is very real and emotional, but it is a result of lack of oxygen, brain chemicals and human psychology. I know that is not convincing to you, but they have been able to simulate the same experiences in a lab with live people. I know you think this is evidence of hell, but actually it is evidence that most people's brains work the same, and that hell and heaven are concepts made with our brains, not that people went to hell in their minds. What you are suggesting is something called "aural projection," which is a kind of Transcendental Meditation concept, and not Christian in the least.
> One man said, "It is very easy to be an atheist when
> everything is going good. It is a very different story,
> he said, when you are on your deathbed."

I have already been on the brink of death, before I was even an atheist. During that terrible, frightening experience, I did not think about God once. I thought about my friends, my family, and my studies.
> I imagine that hell will be extremely bad for you
> because of your attitude and blasphemy.

Perhaps you have been committing blasphemy against some other God that really existed all this time, and you will be going to the hell its created?
> You won't be able to say you were not warned. I am
> sure you get lots of email.

So-so. I was a very devout christian. I know the stories. Actually, I never read the bible so much before I was an atheist, but now I read it all the time. So I really know all the terrible, horrible threats that come from your religion. It's not really a very gentle and kind thing, you know, for a religion, and for people to threaten you with torture if you don't join them, is it?
> Here's another thought if you are turned off by
> Christians and organized
> religion > > You are looking
> at the wrong person (or people).

There's never a True Christian, is there? Unfortunately, I don't believe much in Jesus' teachings, since I began reading the bible in earnest. He had his chance to preach against slavery, which is the most basic injustice; it's laughable. Here he was, in a society where children were being sold into sexual slavery everywhere he looked. Here he was surrounded by children who were being mistreated due to the laws he preached. I see nothing in the scriptures about Jesus saving a child in this situation, or even preaching against the mistreatment of children. There are people in this world today who do so much more good in the world, helping children. rather than preaching bad laws like the laws of the bible. One of the laws in the bible was to kill disobedient children. If you look for suggestions on how to treat children in the bible, all you see is: to rape them, to kill them, to beat them, and to eat them. Oh, and to pretend you are like them and never question anything Jesus tells you. These are bad things.
> May God bless you.

And may The Xists from space not annihilate you in the coming apocalypse? May J. R. "Bob" Dobbs help you find the Slack you so desperately need.
> Helen

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Comment by Jennifer W on April 6, 2009 at 8:50am
Good stuff Allee, I think definitely you got her on "There's Never a True Christian, is there"



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