When a theist starts to babble on about how god is moral there are a lot of ways to shut them up. One of my favorites is to talk about hell. at a first glance hell seems like jail, a place where evil people go. But when you think about it you can make hell seem not moral without even using the bible agents the theist (they always say we are using it out of context). There is two ways to use hell agents them. The first strategy i have to give credit to "The Atheist Experience" a TV show that airs in Texas and is also on youtube. The strategy is to simply say that if your kids did not love you or did any form of crime would you lock them in a dark closet and beat them forever (the theist would most likely answer no and call this child abuse) then say that is exactly what hell is, an endless beating to us "god's children". The 2nd thing you can do is compare a person who is a bad person and robs a store but has a bad child hood (such as a abusive father) and then say how his life would be different if he was born into a different family and sat that it's god's fault he/she ended up that way, so technically god is making people evil.

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Comment by Joseph Breton on May 17, 2011 at 5:54pm
This is basically what I say except I put a bit of a different spin on it. I go at it from sort of a "court system" perspective. I say that if god were just, he would not send people to a place of eternal torture for a finite life of crime. Short life of crime =/= eternal punishment. This would be a complete imbalance in the "weights" of justice.



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