Hi everyone! It is good to be here with like-minded people. As an atheist for 25 years, I am finally becoming increasingly active in this cause. I believe in the advancement of humanity. Religion, I feel, suppresses this.

This time of year, outside of "easter," truly concerns me. The hypocrisy, commercialism, consumerism, and religious thumping bring out the worst and most annoying of even the slightest religious. Why does "charity" increase only during this holiday? Doesn't these charitable organisations need support and help year around? What about the rest of the year?

Why does this time of year bring out the deep psycho-religious? Why do I (again) need to be saved or else I will face dire consequences?

Why do the religionists go out of their way to "save" me? I am not in trouble nor am I chocking or having a heart attack. I do not feel that I am in a life or death situation. Please leave me alone.

The arrogance of the religious to think that only they can "save" me and guide me to god. Which god? With hundreds of religions and hundreds of gods, which is the right one? Ones "right" god is another religions wrong god. Every religion says that every other religion is wrong and they will be damned. It is a crap shoot!

Why is it when religonists approach me and question my lack of faith I get threatened and accused of "clowning around" and I need to "be held accountable before The Lord"? What audacity do they have to accuse me! I do not preach to them not to believe. Respect is a one-way street to the religious.

My job has gotten on me recently. There are some religious at work and they get in aggressive saviour mode during this holiday and easter. Alas, an atheist has no rights. I filed a complaint and I was somehow fingered as the antagonist when I avoid religious discussions. I was later admonished by this coworker that in bad times I should not draw attention by rocking the boat. A warning? Threat? I WILL NOT give in.

They, the religious, chose to believe in superstition, I chose to believe in reason, evidence, and science. Show me the proof!

It is terribly unfortunate the lives I see twisted, ruined, and psychologically destroyed by religion. Intellect is stunted and the desire to achieve is greatly reduced. I always felt religion is a cop-out for action, responsibility, and accountability. It is the security blanket one hides under in face of challenge and adversity. It is protection from the cold unknown. It is denial of a universe of possibilities.

It repulses me to hear of the great evils and prejudices done in the name of religion or god. It appears religion is worshipping evil. I would rather trust a satanist. At least "the devil" killed less people than the christian god (the devil was not the one who flooded the entire world to cover-up his mistake; nor was it the devil that ordered the many atrocities described in the bible).

To say the least, this is one of the two times each year I truly fear for the future of humankind. Thank you for your time and support. Especially, thank you for allowing me to rant.


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Comment by Clarence Dember on December 20, 2008 at 6:56pm
Facts are the way to roll!
Best wishes for the new year!
Comment by River Otter on December 20, 2008 at 2:50pm
Well said, thank you for sharing your rant. You have pretty much summed it up. I too, feel the same way.

Father Nature is right, ignore them and have a good time. Don't let their ignorate ramblings spoil your day.

Happy Solstice, I will be howling at the moon in EST time. WOOF!
Comment by sjtoupin on December 20, 2008 at 2:14pm
Thank you for the comments. I am happy busy people take time to read my blog post.

Comment by Father Nature on December 20, 2008 at 9:28am
Ignore the fools and just have fun. Your happiness will drive them bonkers.

Happy solstice. Remember to howl at the moon after midnight (Sunday morning).



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