Help Get 'This Non-Religious Life' to Texas for 'The Response'

Our Story

‘This Non-Religious Life’ was born out of a chance interview on Zombie Popcorn’s other show, ‘The Talking Dead’ which was meant to cover the May 21, 2011 rapture prophecy. At the last minute, Brother Mike of threw his hat into the ring. Bob, interested in being in on the conversation from the start, jumped at the opportunity to be in on the discussion.
After the two-hour live show was over, we decided that the material was too good to allow it to die. After one broadcast the show turned it into its own program. Since then the show has been a weekly phenomenon, gaining a following from all over the world. The show has covered claims about the Shroud of Turin, the Rapture and Judgment Day, the authenticity of the bible and, what spurred this project, Christian Nationalism.

In a recent episode, we covered the idea of Christian Nationalism and the religious right in America. Little did we know when the show notes that Texas Governor, Rick Perry, had just announced what he calls ‘The Response’-- a gigantic prayer summit at Reliant Stadium in Houston which is calling all people of faith in America to fast and join in Christian prayer to solve America’s problems. The organization hosting the event, American Family Association, has been designated an anti-gay hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The Impact

We want to carry our show to Houston to document ‘The Response’ and give a deeper insight to the beliefs, motivations and power of both the attendees and the protesters with commentary on how views from both sides benefit and/or harm society.

We feel that Governor Perry is making waves. We want to document the interactions between those who believe that they are following in the foot steps of Jesus and those who feel they are being discriminated against.

Why is this event important to both believers and non-believers?

Church and State issues are important. In our opinion, Governor Perry is walking a fine line as an elected official by endorsing a specifically Christian function. He has issued a press release on his official government site and according to the press release, has sent invitations to the other forty-nine governors asking that they attend.

What We Need & What You Get

We make no money from ‘This Non-Religious Life’. It is a labor of love for all three of us. The summit itself is free to attend but airfare for three to Texas and a rental car is expensive. We have created this campaign is in hopes that anyone out there who cares about church-state issues, atheism, secularism, or simply wants to hear what these people have to say at the summit will donate a few dollars. We have gathered some things to give away for your generosity. Our goal is based on the current cost of airfare for three, a rental car for three days, and batteries for some of the equipment. Any money gained here above and beyond our goal will go right back into improving the show.

Other Ways You Can Help
Do it with others! Even if you can’t donate you can always help out by forwarding this to your friends. If you make noise about our campaign more people will hear about this and we will have a better chance of making this happen. Help us get to Texas and share this on facebook, twitter, in an email or blog etc. it costs nothing to do so and we would be eternally grateful.

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