My childs name is "Addox" and he is a 4 year old living with hydrocephalus. He is very high functioning and a very active kid. We are going through a tough time with him right now in regards to 3 brain surgeries in 1 month and we are currently in childrens hospital awaiting another that will hopefully fix him! I am an athiest that believes prayer is not beneficial at all, but allow family and facebookers to pray because we know they mean well. However, we have been flooded with pastors from local churches wanting to pray for him. I have recently started informing one church of my beliefs and they sent us a repeat visit the next day! what the hell!!! I cannot get away from religion here at the childrens hospital and as a secular family that is probably to nice to christians pushing their beliefs without asking about ours, I am frustrated to say the least. I dont want peoples prayers, I want them to give money to the research of hydrocephalus so that we can eventually find a cure. I want them to come play with addox to get his mind off of being in the hospital, I want them to help us finanicially because its hard being in the hospital, I want them to come to the hydrocephalus walk on NOV 13 to raise awareness of the condition!!!!Just needed to vent, I feel like the only one that dosent believe in god around here!!

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Comment by AgeOfAtheists14 on October 13, 2011 at 2:34pm
whoa.. well.. little further worse than them coming to your door but FFRF has little booklets that explain alot to types like that.. i'll be back with imagery to post here



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