so to day in group which is called path ways for people quiting drugs and alcohol we read from a 12 step book i can not rember the name and to be honest its irrelevant there was the serenity prayer in in it and the book was laced with "higher power" rhetoric. oure counselor said knowing that im the only open atheist that god can mean anything but i do not believe in a higher power of any sort nota zilch, im opinionated when it comes to these subjects on god and it causes a little bit of tension now im not trying to upset people its just that im not here for god im here for me so one of the members said that higher power can make people uncomfortable in which i replied i will just take what i need plane and simple. i can tell that other members are a little in awe here is this atheist who is out spoken and pipes up or grins when ever god is brought up im here to heal to learn about addiction and that is what im going to take from this so im i doing good? fuck yes im every day i learn to trust in my self to stay sober and embrace life not the lord ever bin down this road ? ever wanted to put your two cents in and have? speak up and be proud non believers!

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Comment by Amber Bruder on April 12, 2011 at 9:23pm

My dad went through a rehab and came out god stricken. I was unaware of the circumstances when he did and respect that he believes his own thing. Is there a logical thinking group? Why does god have to give you the power to over come it... according to them he is the one that put you in that state. Congrats for you overcoming it on your own. I feel more powerful since being an atheist than I ever did with religion.

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