Hey - where is Pirin, the goddess of pain killers?

In case you don't recognize the reference in my title, it is from The Birdcage. A character is distressed before a stage performance and another actor gives them some drugs marked 'Pirin.' It turns out that they were Aspirin with some letters scraped off; simply a placebo for the intended use. Which is my view on 'miracles' or the efficacy of prayer - a placebo effect might occur but there is absolutely no evidence for some invisible God of Pain killers providing a physiological benefit.

I came across this magnificent list of gods I don't believe in. It may go some way towards solving those long standing religious conflicts because it shows how much the theists have in common as far as NOT believing in gods. There again, logic is not a factor in religion, so why should it be a factor in resolving their wars?

I will read it all the way through, someday, and select my favorite super hero. Oops, I mean that I'll select my favorite "god", but it is hard when it doesn't list all their super-powers. The Christian god is sort of cheating, like Superman without the Kryptonite weakness- he can do anything and would be invulnerable. That's too easy. I want a god more like Batman; dark and brooding, caring deeply about things and often utterly unable to do anything about them. Plus he has a really cool costume.

If the Christian's marketing department were worth their pay, they would have upgraded god's costume when Lycra came on the market.

And lose the beard - beards are so un-superheroic.
Hey, maybe they could give him an eye patch, that would be good for several episodes of back story as he adapts to the change after trading his eye for the ring of Davros to save his favorite race of carbon based animals form the Cyber-men. Oh wait, the Norse Gods did that one with Odin in issue #143 (drawn by Ollie Windward, wasn't it?)

Happy palm sunday everyone. Go out and get your palm read today. You know it makes sense.

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