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My name is Vincent and I'm an artist, part time rationalist, and a believer in Dan Dennett's idea that secularists have a responsibility to create communities and institutions that provide the things that religion religion provides. In the face of the real possibility that religion as it exists is, as Sam Harris would say "incompatible with a global civilization," I can imagine few projects and possibilities more urgently in need of exploration than this as the fit between bronze age ideas and today's technology.

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Comment by B Fletcher on April 21, 2014 at 1:48am

Religion used to provide hospital care.  I'm personally much happier to have that provided through the state.  Also, welfare in various forms beats poorhouses, public education beats education through the church, etc.

I guess the key point is that providing core social services through government should be able to make services more universally available and consistent than through anything that resembles volunteerism and local congregations of whatever brand.  And I would say that if your government isn't able to provide those services, it makes more sense to improve government than to try to replicate sanitized versions of religious institutions.



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