I wrote this for a creative writing class. It got really high reviews from my classmates and I thought that you might enjoy reading it.

"Hilldale Baptist"
by Aidan Maslow

Here is the home of the fundies,
healthy development is far from mundane.
Oppression is free on Sundays,
Authoritarianism joyfully unconstrained.

Their doctrine is creation,
evolution – a chimera for the lame.
Evidence is truth imitation.
Why validate? It’s God’s game.

Brains free from reason,
with only certainty to maintain.
Intellectualism is treason,
irrationality only for the sane.

Schizophrenia plagues the masses,
baseless assertion is the norm.
A bunch of hypocritical asses,
in serious need of some porn.

Sex best kept for divine cohabitation,
satisfaction swept away with a broom.
If wanting full gratification,
any enjoyment will spell your doom.

Immorality is the new morality,
no semblance of ethics to be found.
This insanity is their totality,
no governance fully bound.

A life long mental contusion,
indoctrination a sure psychological noose.
Self is better as an illusion,
children terrorized by their state sanctioned abuse.

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