I don't know if this is true or not, but it is reported here that:

"Christopher Hitchens is currently in Beirut sponsored by the same group that owns that crap NOW Lebanon. He got in a few nights ago and surprisingly went out drinking. On his way out of the bar he saw an SSNP poster and wrote on it "Fuck the SSNP". There just happened to be some SSNP thugs near by--most likely asking people for their ID, and most likely to no avail--and saw him write on the poster and kicked his ass. He is still walking with a limp.""

Additional confirmation...

"The assault on Christopher Hitchens' body continues - he's been waterboarded, body-waxed and suffered through countless hangovers.

In the latest incident, Hitchens sustained gashed knuckles and bruises in a vicious street brawl with shoe-shopping thugs during a Valentine's Day night out on the streets of Beirut.

Hitchens, the chain-smoking, hard-drinking, intellectually ambitious Vanity Fair columnist, was beat up during the altercation, according to several blogs."

The HuffingtonPost column quotes three other blogs (including the one above) that reference the altercation.

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Comment by Apostate Muslim on March 2, 2009 at 7:42am
I've written the story up on my blog site.. he wasn't actually drinking at the time... http://aliveandbitchin.wordpress.com I sourced it from three places, one was Michael Totten's own eyewitness account... have a read
Comment by Rosemary LYNDALL WEMM on February 19, 2009 at 1:40am
Hitchens may be one of the Horsemen, but he needs someone to teach him how to live. Hard drinking in Beirut is just plain stupid. It's not much more sensible elsewhere. If he does not get some help soon he will lose that fine brain of his to Korsakov's Syndrome. (= Specific brain damage and memory impairment arising from Vitamin B deficiency, usually due to alcoholic binge drinking.)



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