Today as a social experiment I decided to find out how homophobic or anti-gay my workplace is. To do this I went around asking people if they had heard about the anti-gay rights group in America known as 2M4M I explained how ironic it was that such a group would go with a name which sounds for lack of a better word gay. The response I got was typically, they shouldn't be allowed to get married, it sets a bad example or it's just wrong God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. I responded with the argument, "How would you like it if someone told you who you could or couldn't marry" "How is it any of your business, and how does it effect you in the least". The response was the same from atheists and Christians alike, however in an odd twist of fate, the only other person who supported the gay right to marriage was a Christian. His argument was "If God gave us free will then they should be able to use that to marry who they want. It's their choice,". Whilst I haven't asked everyone in the work place about this issue, I can already predict the views of some of my co-workers. What I found ever more worrying is that people who probably would support gay rights, simply chose to remain silent. Perhaps out of fear of public vindication. From a personal stand point I respect the right for adults to marry other adults regardless of their sexual orientation. Having dealt with similar attitudes when I married my wife who is a Christian, I understand how frustrating it can be for others to say that your relationship either won't last or is unethical. When I raised the issue the day before, it was in front of a Creationist and the discussion soon turned into a debate over evolution. Since naturally in his view people are designed whilst I support evolution. Bill (The creationist) has a long running feud with me over evolution and I can't see either one of us ever changing sides. Regardless of what evidence I toss up proving evolution he will never believe it. According to him Carbon dating is wrong and the bible is right. I can only wonder am I wasting my time trying to get others to see things from my perspective. I would like to think that if I can change just one mine then I will have made a positive difference.

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