I think it matters what you call things.  I guess it is true that a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet.  But you can't ignore the fact that words are powerful.  Words have the ability to bring one's emotion up to the heights or down to the lowest depth.  Words are powerful.  That is why I am quite militant about language and the use of certain words.
I'm not a freak about your spelling (though mine will, in general, be correct).  I'm not the punctuation police or the grammar bully.  Feel free to make every error and to use all of that newfangled internet shorthand like brb and 4 sure and how ur?  I won't stop you.

But when it comes to word use, I have a problem with using religious rhetoric lightly. 

For example, you will never hear me call anything a miracle.  Or mention a spirit, a soul, or an aura.  I won't use the word creation.  Not because religions own these words.  They don't get to claim the language as their own.  But some words are a bit besmirched by the religious groups and the words do carry religious undertones.  In short, some words and expressions have been hijacked and can't be used freely without caveats or clarification.

That is why one of my pet peeves is the "name" often given to this cool deep space image taken by the Hubble Space Telescope.  Within the Eagle Nebulae, M16, is this area of star formation, dubbed "The Pillars of Creation".

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Comment by Future on December 6, 2012 at 12:40pm

I don't know - while I'm similar to you (Karen) in my own grammar practice, those clouds of dust and gas are precipitating planets and other forms of matter.  Creation under those circumstances, "creation" doesn't feel like the wrong word to me.  Think of a 3d printer.  In a bottom tray, it holds hundreds or thousands of thin sheets of material.  You feed an encoded digital file into the machine, and in due time out comes a 3d object from a previously empty interior space.  To me, that is just as much deserving of the word "creation."  The word "creation" doesn't need to imply divinity.

Comment by Michael Brice on December 5, 2012 at 11:16pm

You called it an "area of star formation", I know nothing of astronomy (mea culpa), I don't see a star but I see pillars -of something, is a star being created in this image? Could the name be less religious than you think and more literal? Just curious.

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