Right now I am above ground, breathing, thinking, and feeling. I'm not sure how much time I have left in this life, none of us do, but I'm likely to live into old age, statistically speaking. I could go on to develop an incurable, deadly disease, or even die in a head collision today by something completely outside my control. I do have some control in life, some free choice you know. I think I make rather good decisions that will help extend my life. Ultimately, though, I do not know how large the hourglass is and/or how much sand is left. When my time comes, I may be aware of my imminent death, but then there will be nothing. No fear, no pain, no suffering. Not even silence. Just nothing. How peaceful that sounds, even though I won't even be aware of the peaceful silence. 

There is so much to live for still and so much to understand. I don't think we've come close to knowing the universe as a species. It's sad to know that I will die not knowing or understanding most things in this universe. I wonder how much knowledge we each could accumulate if we lived to be nearly a millennia instead of nearly a century. How would we pass the time? Would we reach nirvana, ataraxia, or some other inner balance by balancing our knowledge of nature with living in that nature? Would we become unconcerned with the plight of beings that lived only a century, like we are now with the brief life cycle of a housefly? 

Our neurons, so wondrous they are, firing away, contemplating the universe and the self while they try to survive. That is what we are, an amalgamation of neurons strung together into self-aware neural tissue. Too bad we do not see this significant aspect of our true selves in the mirror. All we see is the presentable wrappings of our outer, other selves(or half), the protective, layers. They were selected for as every bit as much as the neurons were and they are dependent on one another. Our cells, however specialized, are dependent on each other for survival. They define each other by existing alongside one another. Our bodies depend on other bodies and life forms. It is the ecology of nature. All in an interdependent web of existences. The home of the Cosmic Spider, about to feed on the organic hourglass.

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