I block people from responding to my postings if they demonstrate they do not understand that steel frame buildings can not collapse when torched by fancy kerosene fires (jet fuel). Kerosene can't melt steel. That's why kerosene heaters aren't made of plastic or wood, or some fool's b.s.! Load bearing Steel framing in a steel frame building must be cut to remove it. You can use Oxyacetylene torches or Lasers (too slow) or explosives, or cutter charges, but you must cut the steel, or blow it up to remove it.
What about resonance? We've all seen the videos of bridges collapsing when the wind itself created resonance in the structure that tore it apart. Could such a wind resonance tear down the world trade center towers once they were opened up to the wind by plane strikes, since it has torn down bridges open to the wind? Building 7 was never hit by a plane and it fell any way. Also, there are plenty of bridges and buildings still standing which haven't succumbed to wind resonance one might notice.
Believers in the hypothesis that this type of building can collapse into it's own foot print with no credible diminution of the load bearing capacities in supportive framing on the floors beneath the points of an airplane strike is part of the end meme "walls of Jericho" screed in the biblical fables. Zealots who rest their mentalities on such castles made of sand internalized these fables during mitigating circumstance of their socialization- when they were raised! As a result, they will carp and gather like zombies savoring the flesh (your time and effort) of any one who attempts to show them their moribund poorly concealed biblical foundation has crumbled to dust beneath a veneer of sociability and credential, even as they seek to relive that end meme again and again. Go to their pages and Block them as I have! Don't honor their insane babbling, insults and calumny with rational counsel. Block them and their pejorative drama! This act of omission will conserve your energy for cogent rational endeavor. Providing free therapy for the insane is never free. The insane are institutionalized at great cost, so they can not harm themselves and others.

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