How do you feel about today's state of the government and the politics that run it?

I feel disgusted. You probably do too.

I watched this week's episode of Bill Moyers and Company with their guest, Marty Kaplan (found here:

In it, Marty Kaplan said; "People say they know it's a con, just as they say that they are not being swayed by the ads for products that they see on television. If that were true, there would not be a multibillion dollar advertising industry. If that stuff didn't work, that would not be on the air. So no matter what we say, no matter how clever we are, we are susceptible to it."

The whole system of government in the US is completely corrupted. Big Media does what brings in the most money, so they play Super PAC ads and get paid big bucks to do it. To prevent anything from interfering with that income, they try to prevent, subdue, and eliminate any criticism of those ads that might get the public to boycott those ads and at the same time, they present these ads in a favorable light. The Super PACs spend money to influence the outcome of elections, ballots, and legislation. Super PACs now have the permission of the government to spend a great deal more money than they have in the past. This current election campaign is the first to see that great amount of money in action. And where is this Big Money coming from? The 1%, of course. Who does this system support? The 1%, of course.

So, what happened to the "government of the people, by the people, for the people (from President Lincoln's Gettysburg Address)"?

It has been hijacked. And for what? The core reason that the US government is corrupt is money and the unfair dispensation of it. Every single attempt at creating a stable government such as monarchies, democracies, communisms, socialisms, and others to date have failed because of this simple yet powerful reason: money and the unfair dispensation of it.

In this episode, Bill Moyers said; "But isn't it possible that a lot of people prefer the entertainment side of politics and even the news, because they have seen what you have just described. That they see the problems. They write on my website and say, "Look, you know, you're describing this. You're investigating that. But tell me what I can do. What can I do? I do something and nothing happens." And so people just say, "Enough's enough." And they go their merry way."

I agree with his website visitors. I often have asked myself; "What can I do?" and got no answer anywhere.

Applying band-aids to the gaping wounds of our Democracy is definitely not the answer. A total overhaul, a total redesign of our government is what is needed. Where do we start? I say start with the fundamental problem of all governments: money. Let's get rid of it and replace it with a resource based economy.

That's why I support The Venus Project ( They have a well thought out plan that you will complain is not perfect. You might even say it is foolish. I say, we've had over 2,500 years of practice with money and here in the modern, rational, scientific, greatly progressed society, we have the same problems as they did back in the beginning of the use of money. Money is fundamental to all of history's and current problems. Cure money, and you bring a whole new game that has never been played before.

So, because we never tried it before, we should not do it? What could happen? The Venus Project's slogan is "Beyond Politics, Poverty, and War". They offer a plan that if reality ends up only being close to what they plan AND reality is designed to get better with time, I think it is infinitely better than what we have today. But don't take my word on it.

You asked what could you do? I say if you cannot come up with a better plan than groups like The Venus Project have come up with, then you can find out what those groups are actually saying and decide to support one. When you support a project, you can do things that make a difference. And we definitely need to make a difference yesterday!!!

Another crazy rant from the crazy man!

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