OK, so all of us non-believers are here because of our contempt for religion. I'm curious as to the level of deception 'The Church' is willing to go to keep people slaves to their rhetoric. So curious I've been doing some internet research. There is more to do, but I will be on it dilligently. The purpose of this blog(my first one ever) is I would like to suggest, dear reader if you are so inclined, to go to Youtube and look for 'Secret Rulers of the World'. It's a 27 part series that is very interesting. It ties together alot of religious connections to the people who have enough money to do whatever they want. What they want is for all of us to be their debt slaves, and they are succeeding. This is a heavy subject for alot of people, so view this with caution. Before watching ask yourself if you are ready to be unplugged.

Should you watch it, or if you've already seen it, I would love to hear input. Please feel free to give me your unfiltered opinion. Thanx for your time!

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Comment by Atheist Exile on April 6, 2009 at 12:51am
Hi Brian,

I can't download video 29 of 29 (the last one). It says it's not available in my country. Could you tell me about it or (even better) download it and send to me? You can use "YouTube Downloader" or "FlashGot" or "Download Them All" (all of which are free at Download.com) to download a copy of the video.
Comment by Joshua Dolan on March 8, 2009 at 6:56am
Is this the same as the 28 part Illuminati Bloodlines series? I believe it is... same woman narrating and I recall that section of video in part 1. I watched that over the course of a few days while at work. (When things are slow, there is always YouTube...) If so, similar stuff is discussed in Zeitgeist and its addendum.

While I am not entirely convinced by these videos, they do raise interesting questions that few in government are willing or able to answer, while plenty of over the top nut-jobs are willing to pick up the ball and run with not only to the goal line, but into the stands, up to the 300 level deck, and off the side of the stadium. I am skeptical of the 9/11 reports findings, I do think that 9/11 and the London train bombings had an unreasonable amount of coincidental mishaps and training exercises to believe that if they were not inside jobs that information wasn't leaked to those that committed the attacks.

Either way, it is fun to talk about with a friend at work who is far far more into it all than I am. I just want to finish school and get back to my art. But the banks obviously control most everything... look how hard the U.S. government is working to keep them afloat in a "free" market economy.



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