How Feelst Ye About The Boy Scouts?

Shut up. Feelst is a word.

Surely you've noticed that as a culture, we Americans love the
boyscouts. We love them SO hard.
But just as surely, as an Atheist, you've probably noticed that they are
a piece of shit organization. Probably.

By which I mean this: The Boy Scouts receive copious amounts of federal
moneys. Yet, um. They're a religious organization. They rejectify (also a
word, shut up) atheists, agnostics, homosexuals, and women. And
animals. And probably short people. Maybe.

Does not compute. System FLIPPING error.

Now let's look at the Girl Scouts. Hm what do they do? Sell cookies. I
hear they do other things, but apparently no one wants to hear about it
and the government doesn't care so much. Which, come to think of it, is
probably why they have to sell cookies.

My brother is an eagle scout. An impressive accomplishment worthy of
inclusion on a resume. No girl scout has that. YEAH HE GOT TO HOLD AN EAGLE. WHERE IS MY EAGLE YOU BASTARDS.

Moving on. The Girl Scouts don't ask on sexuality. They allow you to substitute
something for "God". They, to my knowledge, aren't tied to the church,
and my church certainly didn't encourage the program.

But really, the only reason you would be a girl scout is to "learn"
(pft. nerd.) and get fancy pins. Boy Scouts come with all sorts of
crazy, multi-million dollar wasteful bonanzas and opportunities.

Why, WHY is this... this... POOPHEADED (yeah I went there) organization
being federally funded?

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Comment by Amy Whelan on September 22, 2010 at 12:34am
My biggest problem with the Boy Scouts is right at the core of their fundamental philosophy: Teaching boys to be men. It's disgustingly archaic, and it goes utterly unchallenged by... Anyone! It's no surprise that an organization run by Mormons would do their best to keep gender roles in our society, but really. It needs to stop.

I have no problem with scouts; A lot of the stuff they learn is very valuable. But I wouldn't count homophobia and gender role indoctrination as "valuable" lessons for kids. It would be awesome if the good aspects (like citizenship and outdoor survival lessons) of Boy and Girl Scouts could be combined into a secular, co-ed scouting program for kids. It would have a WAY more positive effect.
Comment by Aaron S. (USA) on September 16, 2010 at 9:57pm
The BSA also kiddy-diddles on the side, doesn't it?

I was a Cub scout, and later a Boy Scout - though I dropped out before I got my Eagle, those Boy Scout kids were just too rowdy (yes I am serious). The Cub Scout stuff especially was a blast, though I don't know that I learned anything useful. It was like a real-life MMORPG for me - go canoeing, get an achievement! It'd be really cool if there were a popular secular alternative that had all the same funding and momentum, but without all the discrimination and sex abuse 'n'stuff.

And why don't Girl Scouts get to hold eagles?! You should ask for a refund.
Comment by Lindsey S. on September 16, 2010 at 9:05pm
Naturally, I despise any organization that discriminates against anyone, for any reason. There are plenty of other programs that don't discriminate who teach pretty much the same skills. Its absolutely ridiculous that the BSA, an overtly religious organization gets funded on my tax dollars, but the GSA, a secular organization that doesn't discriminate, gets overlooked. I don't know what the BSA is like in other states, but here in Utah its practically a church in itself.
Comment by Jeffrey P. Murphy on September 16, 2010 at 7:09pm
I was in the Boy Scouts when I was younger (before realizing my atheism). Some interesting factoids:
1) my den leader was a woman
2) her son, an overweight social outcast, saw this as an opportunity to pick on me (a smaller overweight social outcast)
3) we never went on any trips or did anything fun
4) god is in their credo
5) their refusal to accept atheists is because "belief in god is an american principle"

I think they're could be replaced by a multitude of better organizations.
Comment by Luke Hanna on September 16, 2010 at 6:44pm
Also check out Penn and Teller: Bullshit season 4 episode 1. They have an episode about the Boy Scouts.
Comment by Luke Hanna on September 16, 2010 at 6:42pm
I used to be in the Boy Scouts but I left just because I didn't feel like going to the meeting every Sunday and didn't like all the camp outs. It sucks that the BSA is run by Mormons and generally excludes gays and atheists, but the BSA is actually a good program. You learn A LOT of good skills and can have fun just chillin' with your friends as well.

Almost all of my friends are atheists and many of them are in boys scouts. The troop in our town doesn't discriminate. 4 of my atheist friends have already become eagle scouts, the highest honor a scout can achieve, and many other atheists I know are on there way.



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