Our view, non-theism, is growing in popularity

For me, I help people become enlightened by talking with them. It's pretty much common knowledge that I am an Atheist, but when i talk to those on the fence about the issue, I like to pretend that I too am a bit on the fence. It lets my friend or family member know that I don't have all the answers and that they should definitely do their own research...but, from this starting point I begin a conversation...not a debate. People see debates as threatening, conversation are more like a mutual exploration of ideas, there is no bad guy and no good guy and there is no winner or loser. By pretending that I could entertain the idea of a god, they see me as nonthreatening and agreeable. I some times even defend god against their ideas if their ideas become a little “too” non-theistic. They then have to defend their new ideas, and they’re proud when I give up and agree with them…

I start a conversation by asking a question. One question I asked a friend who is now an Atheist was, “You know that whole Adam and Eve thing…well, isn’t weird that god didn’t just make them at the same time? I mean, if god had any intention of human’s multiplying, wouldn’t he have created them together and not only after Adam was lonely? You know, if god only wanted one man, why make such a huge world and a male and female of almost every other species but not man? And if god always intended for Adam to have offspring, was he a hermaphrodite of some kind?....weird hu?”

This is something you couldn’t say to a really religious person. They would freak out! How dare I call the first man ever a hermaphrodite….but how else does a species with only one person reproduce? And they would also either say that you can’t take creation literally, or make up some sort of rationalization.

I know a lot of religious people, and they usually attack me by saying that I don’t take the bible the right way or that I’m too emotional, or that I haven’t kept up to date on their religions latest literature…

What they fail to see is that I don’t have to do any of that…all I have to do is read the first few pages of the bible and instantly call bull shit. You can’t create man without a woman or what’s the point? Snakes don’t talk, they have no lips. When god is talking about making men, he says something along the line of, “I’ll make them in OUR image…” is there more than one god or was he talking to the angles?...who the heck is god talking to…First the bible talks about making women and men together and then later backs up and describes making Adam first and Eve only after Adam requested her…

....And the little bubble they live in goes POP!

I know my way of dealing with religious people is a bit manipulating. It’s meant to be. How else do you open the eyes of someone who’s been manipulated from the day of birth? If you try to reason WITH someone they instantly shut their minds. No one wants to be reasoned with, like some small child with an inferior brain. If you treat them like an equal and explore the possibility of there being no god together, then they feel like they are un-alone in the process and whatever insights they make they are proud of…then you can use funny videos like religulious to instill in them a sense of culture. Invite them to blogs and social network sites like this one. This is my process and it’s worked for me most of the time. I steer clear of the really crazy religious people though…they are easy to spot.

I know I'm going to be called ignorant and unbelievably mistaken by some, but that's not the point. I never say I'm an expert on anything, but I help people reason themselves out of the dogmatic whole the dug for themselves. I provide a safe place to say all the things they want to, without fear of being called stupid and about 85% of the time they come to the conclusion that there are no gods.

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