How ISIS Will Attack the U.S. and Europe

ISIS is obviously out to make al-Qaeda look like a pussy cat, which means that ISIS will do its very best to make 9/11 seem like a weak, unimaginative, uninspired attack on the Western world.

It is almost embarrassingly obvious how al-Qaeda can go about doing that.

The Involuntary Suicide Bomber Scenario

Step #1: Set up an ISIS safe-house in the U.S. to house the operation.

Step #2: Infect one ISIS suicide volunteer from the U.S. with Ebola and get him into the U.S. and into the ISIS safe-house before he develops symptoms.

Step #3: Obtain explosives to use in the project.

Step #4: Kidnap randomly chosen U.S. citizens to be infected with Ebola from the ISIS volunteer and infect them.

Step #5: As soon as any one of them develops symptoms, wire him as a suicide bomber with the explosives to be set off by remote control. Take him to the top of any medium-sized building in Large, Crowded U.S. City #1. Then set off the bomb, which will spread a mist of body fluids from the Ebola-infected victim over at least one block-long strip of pedestrians, at least some of whom will be infected with Ebola. It is also very likely that many of the first-responders who investigate or clean up the body mess on the roof of the building and in the street will become infected, too, since they will have no idea that the victim had Ebola.

Step #6: ISIS agents repeat the above process indefinitely, infecting as many people as possible in as many parts of the country as possible before anyone is diagnosed as having Ebola. And of course, the process can continue indefinitely even after Ebola is diagnosed in the U.S. population because no one will have any good idea of where the infection is coming from or who is doing it.

Step #7: Carry on simultaneous attacks of the same kind on the nations of Europe and elsewhere to make the 9/11 al-Qaeda atttack pale even more by comparison.

Further considerations:

(1) For maximum effectiveness, ISIS operatives will choose the medium-sized building for the explosion as close as possible to a transportation hub (airport, bus station, train station, subway station) to increase the likelihood that people infected with Ebola will disperse themselves over as large an area as possible.

(2) People infected by body fluids from an Involuntary Suicide Bomber will not, of course, realize that they are infected, and the authorities will not figure out that the U.S. is under a terrorist attack until it is much too late to keep infected individuals from becoming sick and infecting others.

(3) This project may not even require an ISIS volunteer to be infected to get the virus into the country. That is, it may be possible to simply buy Ebola-infected human body fluids from an epidemic area in Africa and smuggle the fluids into the U.S. in a toothpaste tube (or whatever), most likely utilizing an ISIS volunteer with a U.S. passport.

(4) If it seems unlikely that anyone in Africa would gather up Ebola-infected body fluids or body parts and transport them to a desired location, I need merely to point out that idiots exist on our planet in the widest variety, idiots who will do anything for money – not to mention the real nut cases who will do anything if you promise them a cheap ticket to paradise and seventy-two virgins.

(5) The initial Involuntary Suicide Bombers will probably be regarded at first as terrorists who blew themselves up while experimenting with explosives, which will add to the delay in authorities figuring out what's going on.

(6) It is very likely that the recent, highly publicized ISIS executions of U.S. reporters is just a calculated move to keep the authorities and the U.S. public focused on matters that have no real relationship to the main ISIS project. Professional magicians call this process misdirection. It obviously works.

I would, of course, be happy for anyone to convince me that the scenario I have outlined is either impractical or not on the ISIS agenda.

At the moment, though, it seems to me to be an ISIS kind of thing – so much so that it's almost impossible for ISIS to not have the project already in process.

So, what do you think the odds are that the governments of the civilized world have anticipated this obvious possibility and are moving to protect us against it?

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Comment by Joseph Hilton on September 4, 2014 at 1:46pm

The Ebola virus, as I understand it, is very fragile, and I suspect that the heat, the chemical interactions, and the powerful acceleration from a bomb blast would be difficult on the virus.  On the other hand, any non-zero survival rate for the virus would be a disaster for those under attack.  Also, ISIS would have no compunction about experimenting with the process with human guinea pigs to find the optimum level of explosives to scatter body fluids around and still leave the virus intact -- and there surely is such a level.

Also, now that I think about it, there are simpler and better ways to deliver the virus than the one I outlined.

For example, just a handful of infected ISIS suicide volunteers with U.S. passports could, as far as I can tell, infect the U.S. from coast to coast.  All they would have to do is get to the U.S. before they exhibit symptoms and, once they do reach the infectious stage,  mingle with crowds at airports, bus stations, subway stations, etc., until they die themselves.

The problem we have is that all of the Ebola cases that have arrived in the U.S. up to now have been people who wanted to survive and have self-reported to health facilities to receive care for themselves.  But we have essentially no defense against infected ISIS volunteers who come to the U.S. or Europe to die in the process of infecting as many of us as possible before their own demise.

I would have thought under the circumstances that the government would have put enormous resources into developing a vaccine or a direct cure months ago.

But I may be misjudging our elected Representatives, the people who have the responsibility to think about such things and pass appropriate funding legislation.  After all, the Republican majority may have already solved the problem for us the same way they have dealt with climate change -- by pretending that it doesn't exist or by blaming Obama for it.

Comment by Frankie Dapper on September 4, 2014 at 8:16am

Joseph, I am glad you are not an isis operative. Damn, that is a scary scenario you suggest.

But won't the bomb kill the ebola virus?

But whether your ebola scenario is feasible matters not because I cant figure out what will stop isis from striking. The usa is ultra vulnerable.



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