how often to do see the reaction to our actions

Consequence, how often to do see the reaction to our actions? Is it better to live to the moment, or to look up and see that fork in the road and choose the better path? It's a science action and reaction, but do we really comprehend the depth to our individual actions, the simple jesters that brighten others, to the thoughtless act that devastate. Things taste sweeter when unknowing what's really inside. So do we close our eyes and jump into the water or step lightly with toes first? I sit and ponder on those quick actions that brought large changes in my life, would I have really have known the impact of it, if I would have opened my eyes or would it have been inevitable either way? Are some actions better as desires? Is there that one time that something smells so sweet but was so bitter left on your tongue. When should we walk away from what we might desire as a simple fix? Should have I held back, would it have stayed the same? What did I sacrifice for a simple taste?

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