How to destroy an atheist in an

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Comment by Joan Denoo on May 29, 2012 at 1:33pm

How to Destroy an Atheist in an Argument

1. Avoid making claims using reason, science, facts or logic, as you are wandering into the atheist’s domain of knowledge and they will most probably use your thinking against you.

(Red herring fallacy) 


2. Move the topic of conversation onto something else, nothing to do with what you are talking about. This makes rational discourse very difficult to achieve and confuses the atheist and do so regularly to seem more intense.

(Red herring fallacy)


3. Make plenty of claims that can’t be falsified using facts or reason. You will know anything that can’t be falsified by its own virtue, use Gospel truth.

(Argument to tradition fallacy)


4. Use circular arguments as often as is feasible. Nothing holds water better than a shape with no holes. This also applies to the shape of your argument. Make sure it is watertight.

(Circular Argument fallacy)


5. Accuse the atheist of being arrogant.

(Argument directed at the person fallacy)


Be sure to get upset and victimize yourself as much as you can.

(Argument or appeal to pity fallacy)


6. Hitler was an atheist and he was an evil prick so how could atheism be true? Look where being an atheist will get you. And we don’t to worry about small facts, like Hitler made numerous references to god in Mein Kampf; every Nazi solder had the phrase, “God with us” on their belts; two-thirds of all Nazis, including their leaders, were active Catholics; and the Pope and the Catholic church were allied with fascism at this time.

(Argument to ignorance fallacy)

I am sure if I mislabeled the fallacy of any of these arguments, some dear and trusted friend will assist me to correctly identify my error; please do!

Comment by Steph S. on May 29, 2012 at 11:16am


I love it!

Comment by ChrisC on May 29, 2012 at 5:27am

"Nothing holds water like a shape with no holes" :-D

Very good.



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