We all need to stay healthy to continue living so what should we do? Our basic knowlege of health is to eat properly, exercize regularly, and What? Well the what is our minds, mental health. We need to keep healthy minds. I bet your thinking sex, right? Well that is part of our minds but it is not all of it. How do we pay for it? The financial part of taking care of our body and mind is another part of it. So, as a civilized nation what do we do for ourselves and what do we do for our nation? If you need a heart bypass surgery are you really going to say "no, it cost to much"? When your parents are elderly and need extra care are you going to deny their needs and put them on the street? Most of us will say no I am not going to let my parents suffer and no I will get that heart bypass if I need it. How do we keep ourselves healthy while all of this is happening? Eat properly, exercize regularly and do what you need to do for your mind. As atheist you probably see a lot of cheating and stealing of public money. You feel depressed because it is not being used for the common good. When my collegues at work discussed the health plan before the democrats voted it in there were many republicans who would say the very familiar term socialized medicine will be a bad thing. I always countered that with "vote for the best health plan" and let the chips fall were they may. In my mind of course the best health plan was the one that offered the most coverage for everyone, inexpensive and efficient, and of course the best health care that actually keeps you well. I don't know where our nation is going with health care at this time but I hope you all the best.

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