How to transform our Irrational Society

There might be many ways of doing this, but my way is this. Forget some of the older people whose ideas are ossified & calcified. Let them wallow in their delusions as long as they are happy in their illusory world. But catch hold of your children, grandchildren at an impressionable age and do the following:

- To counter worshiping god(s) to fulfill their desires, teach them that human beings are capable of fulfilling their desires by their own honest effort. If desires are unfulfilled, tell them that either their goals are beyond their capabilities or they have not given 100% of their efforts to achieve those goals.

- To counter worshiping god(s) to protect them from evil, teach them that we humans are quite capable of protecting ourselves from evils that befall us. Teach them that all evils (bad events and problems) have clearly identifiable causes. However some Natural evils (earthquakes, tsunamis, tornados, hurricanes) can happen randomly and are beyond our control. Nothing can be done about them. Whatever we humans could not understand we attributed it to gods and this saved much wear & tear on the brain tissues. But now we know better.

- To counter people’s irrational faith in ancient, fruitless religious rituals as the solution for their life problems in the 21st century world, teach them that the world has changed a lot over the past three thousand years and the problems of the modern world need more thoughtful, practical, scientific and result-oriented solutions.

- To counter people’s belief that their birth class distinguishes them as superior or inferior to people of other birth classes ( Viz., the aryan arrogance of Hitler & the Nazi cult, the whites like KKK treating blacks as cattle, Casteism in Hinduism), teach them that all people share the same ancestry originating in East Africa & the same DNA regardless of their birth class, skin/eye colour, hair texture and other superficial stuff, and one’s conduct is all that matters in society.

- To counter people’s blind belief in the sanctity of ancient scriptures such as the Vedas, Brahmanas, the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita or Bible or Koran, teach them that these scriptures are of historical interest only and written down by our ignorant ancestors who thought that the earth was flat & believed in a geocentric universe, didn’t know about ‘Germ theory’ of diseases, worshiped rain god, forest god, fire god or sun god & thought that diseases are caused by evil spirits. To appease these gods many Mesoamerican sects (Mayan, Aztec) resorted to human sacrifice. Hence most of what these scriptures contain is utterly irrelevant to managing life in the modern world.

- To counter xenophobia & the lack of tolerance for other religions, teach them that what is important is what people do with their lives and how useful they are to other human beings and not what they believe in the privacy of their own minds. Since no child can choose his/her parents and parents in all good intention invariably indoctrinate their children into their own religion to teach them proper values, no child after growing up can be held responsible for his/her religious beliefs. If we were born to their parents, we would have similar beliefs. So tolerance for different belief systems is to be cultivated as long as the people following them do not harm us. But if they go the Al Qaeda/ISIS/Boko Haram way, we need not keep quiet.

- To counter the excessive obsession with death & afterlife that is prevalent in the religious zeitgeist today, teach them that you don’t get to choose how you are going to die or when. You can only decide how you are going to ‘Live Now’. Instead of ‘Life after death’, we should be more concerned with ‘Life before death’. No point in foregoing your current comforts & pleasures (as long as they do not hurt others) or expend time, energies & money (the tithe system) in the church for some imaginary benefits in the afterlife. This doesn’t mean that you don’t give to well deserved charities.

This is as far as I can think. The readers may have other useful ideas to convert this dystopian society into an utopia!


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