The body that decides on the availability of new web addresses will reconsider the case for allowing .xxx on Friday in Nairobi (Mar. 19th). Although the suffix, aimed at adult websites, had previously been approved, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), reversed that decision in 2007 after a concerted lobbying campaign from conservative groups in America. Now the matter is being revisited, however, after a subsequent independent review concluded that the decision was unfair.

The .god domain name has also been controversial, and last year the Vatican called on ICANN to keep religion and the internet naming systems separate.(to bad he doesn't have the same attitude about church and state) The Pope was reported to fear that individual organizations might hijack whole domains such as .catholic or .islam.

Or maybe he fears a web site with a .ped domain (pedophiles).

I wonder where that would put Atheist web sites – under .god or .xxx? I could live with a .rat (rational) domain name.

I think maybe a more encompassing domain name like .irr (irrational) is sorely needed or, as an alternative, .stu (stupid) – of course then we wouldn't need the .god domain..

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