Huffington Post joins “accommodationist viewpoint,” announces "religious section" exclusively edited by believers!

Glib title, “Announcing HuffPost Religion: Believers and Non-Believers Welcome,” proves untrue for Arriana Huffington and her flagship internet newspaper, the Huffington Post.

Arriana Huffington unwisely capitulates to the shrill stridency of the now quasi-theocratic America and announces a section dedicated solely to religion[1] without an offsetting voice for the non-theist’s viewpoint. The entire section is edited and moderated by believers only, and ignores tens of millions of Americans—and 1.1 billion worldwide— who eschew or reject religion, dogma and superstition. Unless Arriana rescinds the religious-only column, or adds a non-theist co-editor, such as Dr. Sam Harris, then I will boycott the Huffington Post from this point forward. Enough with the apologia to the theist-only point of view!


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Comment by Frank J. Ranelli on February 27, 2010 at 1:59pm
Felch, again, your lack of decorum and bluster is most unpleasant—and I am not the only one you have directed such condemnation at in the past.[1] In fact, you seem to spend most of your time humiliating other people, rather than participation in actual discussion or debate.

Further, being tactless and rude—through condescension and personal attacks—such as belittlement and belligerence, shows poor communication skills and a general lack of respect for other people. Moreover, instead of being dictatorial and demanding I write in a certain style suitable to you—which is highly presumptuous and impolite, why not direct your attention to the many topics at hand and offer your cogent insight on the ideas?

In short, I moderate comments where warranted, and attacking people, and not just me (you have left some pretty petty, petulant and nasty comments here on Atheist Nexus) is cause for deletion of such comments, which do not do anything other than disparage people.

As a professional writer, essayist, former editor, and independent scholar—for many years—being harangued, mocked, and derided, by people less affluent in articulation is not unique or novel, certainly not innovative or effective. If you have nothing substantive to add to the conversation, except to tear people down through hostility and ridicule, then I will delete your comments, as they serve no discernible purpose.

Again, critique the ideas put forth, offer insight, or, if you wish, write your own blog posts, but uncouth, ad hominem attacks are really childish and unnecessary, and they will be deleted. Many, if not most people here on Atheist Nexus have been passionate but polite, offered excellent, erudite and well-argued points to my articles, and the litany of other subject matter found on this website, and have been exceedingly cordial, pleasant and a pleasure to converse with in a high-minded manner.

I sincerely do not have the time or inclination to engage in pettish arguments over writing styles, use, or word choice, and frankly, my editor and most other readers—and I have tens of thousands of people who read my work each year—find my efforts to be of high quality[2]; therefore, you are in the minority. In short, if you do not like my style of writing, and it is not for everyone, then simply do not read it and move on to other threads here at Atheist Nexus or somewhere else.

This is my final response to you on this matter.

In reason,

Frank J. Ranelli
Scholar, author, critic


[1] “So either be constructive, or just simply shut the fuck up.” –Felch Grogan
[2] “Frank, J Ranelli, you article is brilliant… superb in style and content… thanks.” – Rigby t.
Comment by Frank J. Ranelli on February 26, 2010 at 12:25am
Author’s note: Felch, your crass ad hominem attack aside, which is a poor way to advance your otherwise accurate and useful information about the Huffington Post, are not novel or new. Everyone is a critic when they are not the writer, but attack or defend the idea, not the person, or their style of authorship. Besides, the windbags at Faux News are far too stupid to pronounce, let alone comprehend the words or ideas I put forth in my work.
Comment by Jason Spicer on February 25, 2010 at 10:14pm
Well, HuffPost also shamelessly promotes anti-vaxxers, homeopathy, and Deepak Chopra, so it's not like they have a firm handle on reality with some subjects. Still, the site is a useful counterweight to the conservative bias in much of the media. You just have to steer clear of the "Living" section. And now the "Religion" section.



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