Human Nature and Physical Nature are entirely separate and amazing

I believe that human nature is as wonderful, as beautiful, as cruel, as horrible and as amazing as physical nature, but entirely separate. To suggest that human nature drives physical nature is a trap. It is right there in the bible: "Give unto God what belongs to God and give unto Ceasar what belongs to Ceasar".

"Miracles" are either in the realm of Physical Nature, OR in the realm of Human Nature. In the realm of Physical Nature, they are also known as "Magic" if they seem to be perpetrated by a human and observed by others. Every one of the "Miracles" performed by Moses or Jesus Christ, or any other human being can be explained by physical processes. Chemistry, Drugs, Physics, Semantics. Penn and Teller could tell you how. So could the archives of the Pharacies where Jesus studied as a young man.

Miracles experienced in Human Nature, alone by one human being, that they then describe to others are very personal, and can be hallucinations.

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