I recently joined the local Humanist group. I wasn't sure if I was a humanist - after all humans are trashing the planet. Turns out Humanists are a very diverse group so most would non-believers fit in. They also get some really good speakers at the meetings.

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Comment by Daniel W on March 29, 2009 at 10:54pm

I agree that humanists are diverse. I also think that a significant amount of the trashing of the planet comes from the religious. Many religious people beleive, and promote, that god put the earth here for us to have dominion, and that the planet will be destroyed and reborn at the end of days, so who cares if every last tree is cut down, every last river is polluted, and every wild species is extinct. Many religions are against birth control, and seem to think that if they reproduce themselves into a majority, then they can control society. So many religions support overpopulation too.

While Im sure that you'll find humanists that dont care about the environment, I bet that most do care.

Welcome to humanisn and continuing to learn and evolve.



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