This book is written with the hope that it may help to develop individuals with high morality and a benevolent and cooperative attitude and society with good thought and good behaviour. The entire mankind on this earth should be united as one family. The need of the hour is developing mutual trust and understanding for peaceful co- existence. Race, Religion, Nationality, Colour, Creed, Languages, Castes have divided the mankind into various factions for thousands of years. Humanity religion can provide a stage for de-linking all the above factors and bring oneness of mankind. Today’s religions give more emphasis on imaginary life after death concept
 and imaginary ides of Hell, Heaven, Ghosts, Soul, Miracles,Day Of Judgement,
Rebirth, God etc. Religion instead of becoming philosophy of life has become philosophy of dead. Humanity religion is of the, for the and by the living human beings.
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Every English reading person must read and keep in his library.
Its Bible for Atheist!
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Humanity-The Religion For The 21st Century by Mr. D. V. Natekar (May 19, 2012)


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